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Premium Quality Basmati Rice at Best Prices

Silky Supreme

  • Super silky and White Rice
  • Ultra fine quality
  • Looks & cooks great
  • Three times Optically
  • Long Grain

Available in 1KG Jars

These super long slender grains are assured to provide you the best flavors along with tempting looks. The grains are double-sortexed followed by careful processing for extra silkiness. The delicate fluffy texture will make each cuisine at the table look good.

Ultra Premium Basmati

  • No.1 choice of Families
  • 8.35 mm that cooks up to 1” in length
  • Exotic flavors ideal for Biriyani,Pulao and White Rice.
  • Inviting aromas to make meals specials.

Available in 1KG/2KG/
5KG Jars and 25KG Bags

Treat yourself to the Long Grain! First time ever in convenient reusable & durable PET jars. Each bite of Ultra Premium Basmati Rice will take you to majestic era of Mughals who enjoyed the sumptuous rice cuisines.

Premium Basmati

  • Recommended by industry experts
  • Good for All meals
  • High in fiber & proteins

Available in 1kg, 2Kg, 5Kg and 25 Kg

Treat your taste buds to perfect taste with Premium Basmati Rice. High popularity among all Indians due to its delicious flavor, high nutritional value and irresistible aromas. These grains are aged just right to help develop rich aroma and to allow even water absorption. They undergo strict quality check measures because your family deserves only the best.

Brown Basmati

  • Highly Nutritious
  • Great food for diabetes patients
  • Quick cooking
  • Healthy meal for all age groups.
  • Quick cook (20 minutes)

Available in 1KG Jars

Low-fat balanced diet with goodness of essential nutrients, zero cholesterol and healthy carbohydrates for extra energy. Regular consumption of Home chef Brown Basmati rice cuts the intake of sugar and saturate fats, which results in a lower risk of hypertension, obesity, heart diseases and type II diabetes.

Royal Rozana (Launching soon!!)

  • Relish daily meals
  • Great quality rice within budget for all families
  • Suitable for several rice items
  • High nutritive value

Available in 1Kg Pouch

India has contested and won the patent on the name of Basmati.

Basmati rice elongates to almost twice its original length on cooking, but does not fatten significantly. The grain is long (usually 6.61 to 7.50mm) or extra long (more than 7.50mm in length and 2mm in breadth).

When cooked, Basmati's texture retains its firmness, even though it assumes tenderness without splitting, and unlike other rice, it is non-sticky thanks to the amylose content in the rice.

The aroma in Basmati emanates from a cocktail of 100 compounds - hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes and esters. A particular molecule of note is 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline.

Welcome to Home Chef

GlobEx specializes in sourcing and packaging the best Basmati Rice that defines Indian cuisine. Our trademarked brand “Home Chef” is dedicated to the very best Ultra Premium and Premium Basmati rice that you can find in the world. Home Chef Basmati Rice is sourced from the foothills of Himalayas, which is the Basmati bowl of world.


Be the foremost brand that quality and flavour connoisseurs remember when looking for unprocessed Indian food products.


We believe health and quality go hand-in-hand. We take utmost pride in our Indian heritage and aim to cultivate the finest basmati rice for all consumers. Our mission is to find the best sources, achieve consistent quality through strict processes and equipment and to add value for consumers at reasonable prices.

Our Leadership team

Our Leadership team has combined experience of over 100 years in managing billion dollar global businesses, Agro product supply chains in India, Production packaging and storage. The team works together with the sole aim of achieving our vision and more importantly being the reason for a smile on our customers.


Taste Is All About Cultivation

Seeds, Soil, Climate and Sweat is what make Basmati the Champagne of rice. Farmers in Punjab, Haryana and Uttarakhand painstakingly create rice nurseries and move the saplings to the main field - Getting it right is all about Timing - just two to three day window!! Then the soil and unique climate take over the daily work to get flavours and nutrients just right. Mechanisation helps the scale and speed but quality is all about nature and human working together.

Ageing, The Essential Art

Ageing in Basmati rice is as essential as it is for wine and scotch. Ageing enhances the attributes of basmati by reducing moisture content, increasing aroma, length, taste and cooking results. At GlobEx, Ageing is completely done in-house under guidance of many experts.

Homechef At Your Store!!

GlobEx expects the buyer to receive the products in a condition that promises reliability & quality. Hence care is taken to provide the best logistic facility available in the market.

Milling, Getting To The Grains

This is where the goodness protected under the chaff comes out. Our milling process ensures that essential nutrients are not lost, colour and cookability is enhanced and most importantly moisture content is kept low to get ready for ageing. All this happens in our state of the art milling facilities carefully monitored round the clock during production. The rice is almost on it’s way to you...

Sortex, Science Of Picking Best

This is where great basmati achieves the epitome of excellence in quality. Each individual rice grain is optically sorted by sophisticated world-class machinery based on the colour, shape, defects, size, weight and foreign material. What’s left is literarily the best rice from a heap of best rice!! Just a bit more work to get these masterpieces to you…

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